Fortune 39 Business and Opportunity Review

Fortune 39 is a new Internet based business opportunity touting a simple turnkey opportunity for many to join. So what is this business opportunity all about and is this truly a simple turnkey business?

Fortune 39 has what they are calling a turnkey business opportunity based on compiled training theater consisting of over 213,000 tutorials. So is this a truly turnkey opportunity? While many offerings in the internet marketing world claim a turnkey system this is not a true statement. While internet marketing is simpler than building a house, it still requires work and solid steady effort to find success. This program comes at a cost of $39 dollars and will supply many simple tools including a replicated website. A replicated website will by no means guarantee traffic and sales automatically, this will come through the actual work of marketing.

The affiliate products will be a large compilation of e-books, videos and many other Internet marketing educational tutorials. Some of these products are rather generic in the information provided, but the information can be used to get ones feet wet in marketing online. Anyone who does join this opportunity will want to begin by studying many of the tutorials and gather what education they can to begin marketing on the Internet their site and products.

There is access to a large list of leads built into the program and although this does seem appealing, but it is usually wiser to create your own as these types of lists are usually, for the most part, in the hands of many other marketers. It is also wise to do your due diligence before joining any online opportunity online or offline. While Fortune 39 is a legitimate business and opportunity, it is also a fact that with most online businesses that the lower the cost of investment, the lower the income potential is. Many online offerings use many types of sales copy and this is not a bad thing at all because there are many opportunities that do literally live up to their hype, but it is wise to continue your due diligence until all your questions have been answered.

Bankruptcy Search – Protect Your Business and Employees

In today’s business world you have to constantly be on guard against scams and the people who perpetrate them. Whether it is a prospective employee, customer or partner you have to take the steps to minimize risks. Background checks and investigations are a valuable tool that every business should use to protect itself from legal and financial threats. It is recommended that a bankruptcy search be an integral part of any background investigation.

A bankruptcy search will in many cases determine if a potential customer has had financial problems in the past. Insolvency and debt collection problems are critical issues when you decide to extend credit to a new customer and also when you are receiving large expensive orders. In many cases it would be wise to do a background check including a bankruptcy search each year.

Any time your account receivables begin to show late or partial payments you should also consider doing another background check. A bankruptcy search will show that a business is in the process of petitioning the court for bankruptcy protection thereby allow your business to stop shipments and require prepayment for additional orders. Many new bankruptcy filers will not notify their suppliers of an impending bankruptcy.

It is not uncommon for one business bankruptcy to cause additional bankruptcy problems with its suppliers and business partners. This cascade effect could cause your business and its employees to lose everything that you have worked so hard for. It is a lot easier to stop a line of credit to a customer with financial problems then to recover a debt as a creditor during any bankruptcy proceedings.

Any time an account begins to fall behind in making regular monthly payments should be cause for additional scrutiny. If your relationship with a customer also starts to deteriorate then you should consider requiring payment on delivery. In addition you may want to initiate your collection efforts as soon as an account is more than 30 days past due. The use of an online collection agency is a fast and fairly inexpensive method of making initial collection efforts. Again this may be the time to conduct another bankruptcy search to assure that the customer has not petitioned the court for bankruptcy protection.

A bankruptcy search is in general not that expensive and in many cases be a good investment in the well being of your company. It must be understood that a bankruptcy search may or may not detect all bankruptcy proceedings. The lack of proper recording of bankruptcy proceedings can be a problem. However a check of local state and federal bankruptcy records in the state the customer is located will in most cases assure that you will have up to date information.

How Secure Will Your Business and Income Be in 2009?

Every person who earns an income, whether as an employee or as a business owner, should be asking themselves how secure their income will be in 2009. Without doubt the current economic turmoil is putting pressure on the viability of many businesses and jobs. To survive, and even prosper in the chaos, one has really only two choices: reduce expenses, or increase sales.

For many, reducing expenses is often the first port of call when the going gets tough as it is the easiest option – provided you have some “fat” in your business.By all means cut as much as you can (you should be doing this anyway) but then, once this is done, what’s next? And, at what point does cutting more start affecting your product or service delivery standards?

As Warren Buffet is quoted as saying: “You want to learn from experience, but you want to learn from other people’s experience when you can!”

What we do know from experience is that the best way to continuously improve the bottom line is to regularly review your marketing and sales strategy and look for the gaps that can provide you with growth opportunities. We also know from experience that the companies that best survive the sort of economic downturn we are now faced with, are those that invest in sound marketing just at the time when everyone else is pulling back.

So… what’s your marketing strategy for 2009? And is it worth anything in the changed environment you are facing? Remember that marketing, done correctly, is the only business discipline that generates income and opportunities. But marketing based on hearsay, wishful thinking or any other thumbsuck will consume your time, energy and money for little or no return.

In reality, for 2009 you need to start from scratch and develop a marketing plan that will address your new challenges practically and realistically.

The benefits of developing a specific, targeted marketing plan unique to your circumstances include:

1)You thoroughly think through your current business trading options
2)You identify opportunities that can be turned into bottom line profits
3)You develop a step-by-step plan of action that removes the worry and stress and allows you to focus your thoughts, efforts, budget and activities

Now, more than ever, you need to become more marketing orientated if you want your business to survive and grow in 2009.